Further balancing: Spheres of Contention.

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Further balancing: Spheres of Contention.

Postby Rodent » Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:44 pm

This thread is purely a reference thread to help focus our goals with specific changes.

Teams of 4v4 or more are assumed.

Note that these are only definitions, NOT OPINIONS HELD BY THE PRO MOD TEAM.

Alternate title: Scrub's guide to being an enormous scrub.

1. Rushing - the fact that it is not only viable, but easier in a lot of situations to abandon all pretense of stealth and burn through equipment to achieve objectives.
Think: Asylum body objective, Nostalgia main gallery rush, Highway Inn safe rush, Gerome evidence rush, etc ad nauseum.

2. DeathMatch (DM) - Many maps are more easily won against proficient guards only through use of extreme force. Not a problem in and of itself. However it is important to note that changes that affect stealth or ghosting, also impact heavily upon DM balance. Also refers to the problem of AI being considerably easy on many maps to eliminate, leaving only a paltry number of guards to mop up.

3. Camping - A hotly contested topic at many points, camping will refer to the ability of guards to pool all their resources, including traps and AI in a tight location, making it impossible for thieves to penetrate. Mainly a map specific problem. This is necessary in some situations for guards to compete against top thieves. Using AI to block doorways, preventing access to ghosting thieves will be listed under camping.

4. Flarescanning - A blanket term used to cover guards who venture out into dark areas with the hope of uncovering thieves who previously thought they were safe. Flarescanners typically expend massive amounts of resources in doing this, including firebolts and farmed flares. For the sake of conciseness, shadowslashing and bolt spamming into dark areas will be included under this banner.

5. Escalation - Escalation refers to the situation where a thief who encounters a guard will frequently be forced to burn through copious amounts of equipment to evade a guard team that is coordinated and ruthless in their efforts to find him. Once found, a thief will find it almost impossible to reach a safe haven against firebolts and speed potions. Even if a thief manages to escape, his equipment will be so depleted that he has no chance to win by objectives on his current life.

6. Stealth - The term stealth in the context of promod will be used for instances of thieves evading guards or making unobserved, or partially unobserved progress towards objectives. The above precludes an excessive reliance on powerful equipment. A thief running through a house on invis cat, picking up loot infront of guards while slamming doors shut in his face is not stealthy.

7. Tactical - Applied to equipment, tactical is used to describe items that are able to alter the situation in the game world, giving a strategic or positional advantage to players, while not directly altering the abilities or power of a player.
Examples of tactical equipment includes:Scouting Orbs, Water arrows, Moss Arrows, etc.

When discussing specific changes, please make reference to the sphere or spheres of contention that are directly affected by said change. For example: Making AI impervious to one hit arrow kills would mostly influence the Deathmatch sphere, as well as the Camping sphere.
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